This Week

Posted on 10/16/2017
This Week

This week, November 20-November 24, is Bullying Prevention Week.

Monday, November 20 is last day for Hot Lunch orders to be sent in.

Our Boy's Volleyball Team will be hosting a tournament at Holy Family on Monday, November 20. 

On Tuesday, November 21, we will have Hot Lunch from Lunches Made Easy.

Our Grade 8s will be participating in a day retreat at St. Paul the Apostle Church on Wednesday, November 21. 

On Tuesday, November 22, we will be having Pizza for our Hot Lunch.

Our Senior Girl's and Boy's will be participating in the South Simcoe Volleyball Championship on Wednesday, November 22.  The Girl's tournament will be held at Holy Trinity in Bradford and the Boy's Tournament will be held at St. Thomas in Tottenham.

On Thursday, November 23, we will have Hot Lunch from Lunches Made Easy.