Simple Online Lunch Ordering (SOLO)

First time Instructions for Milk and Hot Lunch Orders

For the remainder of this year, Holy Family School has subscribed to Simple Online Lunch Ordering, a web-based solution for ordering and administering the hot lunch and Milk programs. allows parents and/or students to place their lunch orders online and to print a family summary page which includes a stub for submitting payment to the school. You can have access to a public computer, i.e. library, to produce your order.

The first time you login, you have to be assigned a Username.  To receive your username, create your own password, and begin ordering you will need to:

  1. Go to and Click on 'No Username Yet?' to the right of the login box. Then, select your school, and enter your School Password hurricanes. (You will select your own password in Step 3).  You shouldn't need to do this more than once ... next time you're logging in just use that username and the password you've chosen.
  2. Then click on ‘Get Family Account’, which will provide your family with an automatically generated username. Your username will be your school prefix name followed by three numbers (like hfa034).  This username is unique to your family. Record your username in a safe place. 
  1. Go to now and login with that username and your school's password. This will bring you to the Family Registration page. Create your family account by completing this form. It is necessary to change your password from the one provided by your school to your own private password.  Record your password with your username in that safe place.  Fields with an asterisk (*) must be filled in.
  2. Click on ‘Save Family Information’, and the ‘Family Information’ page will appear requesting your child/children’s first name(s) and teacher selection.
  3. Click on ‘Child/Children information, and your setup is complete.
  4. Click on ‘Order Food Now’ and ‘Ordering Instructions’ will appear, giving you the opportunity to order food for every student in your family, print a summary page and return the top portion to your school, with a cheque, by the due date.  On this page you can also view your family lunch order summary, modify your family information or logout.
  5. Next time you're logging in, go to and use that username and the password, that you recorded in that safe place.  If you misplace your username and/or password or have difficulties with your order, please contact your school’s SOLO administrator ( to have your account reset, rather than generating another account for your family.

Your privacy is of the utmost importance; our policy is posted on the website. Thank you for supporting your school fundraiser.