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Published on Jan 25, 2018 12:10

To ensure safe arrival and a smooth start to the school day, please note these very important reminders:


Supervision begins at 8:40AM and the school day begins at 8:55AM. All students are to proceed to their assigned entrance during this time, and are reminded to not come through the main doors. Please have your child(ren) at school on time. There has been an increase in the number of late students, and this is disruptive to classroom morning routines.


The parking lot is closed to traffic from from 8:40AM to 9:10AM. We ask for your full cooperation so that we may ensure the safe entry of our staff and students. If you are dropping off your children during this time, you are encouraged to use the church parking lot and walk your child(ren) across. If you come in prior to 8:40, note that our supervisors will be enforcing that you may not leave the parking lot until the safe arrival and departure of all school buses once the bell has gone. This rule is non-negotiable. In light of the tragic accident in Toronto recently, we are reminded of the importance of keeping our parking lot free of moving vehicles in the bus loading zone and parking lot in the morning and at dismissal time.

BUS CANCELLATION DAY ATTENDANCE PROTOCOL - On days when buses are cancelled, if your child is NOT a bus student, please call or email the school if your child will not be attending.  Our school office administrators have to contact the families of every non-bus student who is absent if we have not been notified that they will be away to ensure that they are indeed safe at home.

Thank you for your continued cooperation.