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February News
Published on Feb 8, 2018 12:48

February 2018 News

A Family Prayer

Lord God,

I give you all the members of our family. You know them all so well and love them all. I ask that you would cover us with a rainbow of hope.
Hope that draws us together to work out our differences. 

Hope that helps us to celebrate together and care for one another. 

Hope that rides like a banner in our lives and watches over us wherever we go.

Hope that overcomes adversity and gathers strength to overcome. 

Hope that guides us and gives us vision for our future alone and together.

Hope filled with love.
Hope that fuels faith.
Hope that breathes peace.

May our family live in you
Underneath your promises.

(a family prayer from

Family Day

Although Family Day (February 19) is a secular holiday, our Catholic faith tradition affirms the absolute importance of families.  Families are a sign of God’s presence because they are communities of love.  The family is the first most important community.  The early Church affirmed this by referring to the family as the domestic church.  Through your daily experiences of love, forgiveness, education, service and celebration, your family is an expression of the work of the Church in the world.                        

Principal's message

Ash Wednesday, February 14, marks the official beginning of Lent. We begin this time of self-sacrifice and repentance by marking our foreheads with ashes.  Receiving ashes in the shape of a cross identifies us as a follower of Jesus Christ and symbolizes our willingness to make changes in our lives. It is a time for us to reflect on what it means for us to be people rooted in faith, hope and love. Lent lasts for 40 weekdays, beginning with Ash Wednesday, and concluding at sundown on Holy Thursday. The Lenten liturgical colour is purple, the colour of royalty, which symbolizes the suffering of Jesus and anticipates the glory of the Resurrection.  Three traditional Lenten practices are prayer, fasting and almsgiving.

Here are some Lenten ideas to continue to strengthen your family’s spiritual life:

1. Pray an Our Father together every day.

2. During meal times, let each family member name one person or problem they would like to pray for.

3. Attend Mass together.

4. Do some grocery shopping for the poor and bring the food to the local food bank.

5. Encourage each family member to do something kind for someone every day.

6. Turn off the television one day per week and spend time together as a family.

7. Identify a charity that supports the poor and

needy and make a donation.


Know Your Zone

Our school community is located in the south inclement weather zone. Four weather zones (north, south, east and west) were created in Simcoe County.

This approach allows for a partial bus cancellation when weather is severe in a particular area. The goal is to provide more students access to school bus transportation.

For example, this means that buses may be cancelled in the north zone, but are still running in the south, east and west weather zones. If your child is bussed to school, it is important to be aware of the inclement weather zone for our community. As always, you can visit our board website at ,school website or listen to the local media for bus cancellation notices, including partial cancellations in an inclement weather zone.

Holy Family Catholic School Community Council

Our next meeting will be held on Tuesday, March 6, 2018 at 6:15 pm in our library.  Please come and join us

Public Speaking Competition

Our school intermediate public speaking competition took place on Monday, January 29th, 2018.  The following are the 12 speakers from the intermediate division who won in their classrooms:

Emily S., Ken S., Shayla K., Samantha M.,Katherine B., Alex B., John F., Cody M., Karli S., Fernando I., Grace S., and Jacob S.

Congratulations and well done to our Intermediate winners, Samantha M., Katherine B., Grace S., Alex B., and Shayla K. who will represent Holy Family at the CWL competition on February 12.

Good luck to Samantha M.  who will be going onto the Lion's Club Public Speaking Competition as our Intermediate representative.

Good luck to Katherine B.  who will be going onto the Royal Canadian Legion Public Speaking Competition as our Intermediate representative.

Our school junior public speaking competition took place on Thursday, January 29, 2018.  The following are the 12 speakers from the junior division who won in their classrooms: 

Matthew C., Mary B., Hailey V., Brooklyn P., Luke T., Anna S., William D., Anthony M., Brielle L., and Jordan R.

Good luck to Brielle L. who will be representing HFA at the Lion's Club Public Speaking Competition for the Junior Division.

Good luck to Luke T. who will be representing HFA at the Legion Public Speaking Competition for the Junior Division.

I would like to congratulate all the students in the school who participated this year and thank you to the teachers and parents who worked with the students during the last month to prepare for the public speaking competition.

Knights of Columbus Free 
Throw Competition 

The following students won the school level free throw competition for their age group:

9-year-old girls- Taylor R. Rachael L., and Brooklyn P.

9 year old boys- Nevon H. and Quinton J.

10-year-old girls- Mary B. and Charlee Z.

10-year-old boys- Lucas P. and Joshiah M.

11-year-old girls- Sarah I. and Gabriella M.

11year old boys- Lochlin H. and Jonathan W.

12-year-old girls- Adelina M. and Samantha M.

12 year old boys-Ken S. and Aaron M.

13-year-old girls- Maya R. and Greenlee M.

13-year-old boys- Chris A. and Kyle J.


These students competed in the Knights of Columbus Council Free Throw Competition at Holy Family on January 20, 2018.  The students did very well with 1 student making it to the Knights of Columbus Area competition in Bolton.  Congratulations to all students who participated in the Free Throw competition and good luck to Johnathan W. as he moves on.  Thanks to all the teachers who assisted with the Free Throw competition at the school level and to Mr. Gimpel for organizing the school level Free Throw competition.
Kindergarten Registration

It’s Registration Time

Getting Ready for Kindergarten 

Starting Kindergarten is an exciting and special time for parents and children. Our entire Catholic school community looks forward to welcoming our youngest students as they begin a lifelong journey of faith-filled learning. We believe there is something truly unique and special about learning that is rooted in faith and spiritual growth. By choosing a faith-filled education, we know you will share that belief with us.

We encourage parents who are looking to register their child for Kindergarten to please contact Mrs. Smith at (705) 435-3989 to get a Kindergarten package. You can also find all of the information on our board’s website at

Report Cards

The first term reports will be coming home on February 21, 2018.  It is important to note that this report card covers content that took place from September to January. The November progress report covered how the child was learning, focusing specifically on the Learning Skills. This report will cover what your child did to meet the curriculum expectations of the classroom. It is an assessment of their learning.

School and Church Parking Lot

Parents please exercise caution when entering, dropping off and exiting the St. Paul’s church parking lot and our School parking lot. It is helpful when we are all conscious of the children’s proximity to our vehicles when entering, starting our cars and leaving. By taking care to be safe we are ensuring that we, as a school community, are doing our part to ensure that safety is our number one priority for all the children.  Thank you for your support.