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Junior/Intermediate Elective Activities and Approximate Cost
Published on Jan 6, 2019 13:14

The following are tentative activities and their approximate costs.  A package with further details will be sent out next week.

Junior/Intermediate Electives

January 24 and February 21



Approximate Cost


Arts and Crafts at Holy Family


January 24 only

Director’s Cut

$25.00 (at Holy Family) Claymation-January 24

Stop Motion Animation-February 21

January 24 and February 21

Gibson Centre

$40.00 Drama and Drumming ($20.00 1/2 day each activity)

January 24 only

Holy Family-lego, cooperative games etc

No cost

January 24 and February 21

Mansfield Outdoor Centre

$30.00 (2 half day activities and bus) (Woodland Survival and Team Building)

January 24 only

Movie (Circle Theatre) and Sports Camp at Holy Family

$20.00 (1/2 day movie 1/2 day sports camp)(movie, popcorn, drink, bus and sports camp at Holy Family)

January 24 only

Movie and Bowling at Base Borden

$30.00 (movie, bowling and bus)


February 21 only

Skiing at Mansfield

$40.00 (lift ticket, lesson and bus)
$52.00 (lift ticket, lesson, equipment and bus)

January 24 and February 21

St. Thomas Aquinas

$25.00 Drama and cooking

February 21 only