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Silent Auction Baskets
Published on Apr 19, 2016 11:54

The Spring Fling is almost here.  Please remember to keep filling your classroom baskets.  We are excited to see the baskets start to fill up.  Keep up the great work Holy Family.

Here are the basket themes for each class:

If you have other items that you would like to donate for another basket as well, please just drop them off at the office. Thank you!

JK/SK Ms. Caulfield/Ms. Gregorio Baby

JK/SK Ms. Bacik/Ms. Laciak Pets

JK/SK Ms. Downes/ Ms. Pascarella For the Girls

Gr. 1 Ms. Coates For the Boys

Gr. 1 Ms. Snyder Kitchen

Gr. 2 Ms. Bruce/Ms. McCool BBQ

Gr. 2 Ms. Daly Beverage Time

Gr. 3 Ms. LeClair Summer Basket

Gr. 3/4 Ms. Gardner For the Ladies

Gr. 4 Ms. Hardy For the Men

Gr. 4 Ms. Baycroft Cleaning

Gr. 5 Ms. Jordan Ice Cream

Gr. 5 Ms. Noble Beach

Gr. 6 Ms. McDonald Automotive

Gr. 6 Ms. Moore Gardening

Gr. 7 Ms. Alward Movie

Gr. 7 Mr. Orieux Sports

Gr. 8 Mr. Gimpel Reading

Gr. 8 Ms. Swaile Arts & Crafts