Simple Online Lunch Ordering (SOLO)

Lunches Made Easy School Lunch Orders Your school lunch program has started; it’s time to place your child(rens) food order. The Hot Lunch program provides variety for your child and is a fundraiser for your school.

If your family already has an account from last year, then just go to and login with that username (something like hfa034) and your password. Don't worry, you will be sent a reminder email to the email account that was previously setup with SOLO, with your login and password.

When you login, you will have to update each child's teacher, so that the orders will be sorted properly. Then, the current order will automatically be displayed when you click Order Food for 'Johnny'. If you haven't yet tried, please follow the First Time Instructions below. If you have any difficulties with the order process, please contact [email protected] or [email protected].

Lunches Made Easy handles the payments and sends the proceeds to your school. This makes it easier administratively as Lunches Made Easy accepts E-transfers (email [email protected] with a password of homemade, if it asks) and PayPal, which includes Visa, Mastercard & Visa Debit - instructions are on the Order Summary/Pay Securely Online page.

Note: if you cannot pay this way, please call Victoria at 416-995-7262. When a new order is opened, you will receive an opening email from CGI Mailer (don't forget to check your SPAM/Junk folder and mark as not SPAM) and there will also be a reminder email sent 2 days before the order closes. Please note: Lunches Made Easy provides Gluten Free products, but cannot take responsibility if your child orders Non-Gluten Free items. If your child is Gluten Free, then only order Gluten Free items.

First Time Instructions for Hot Lunch Orders - The first time you login, you have to be assigned a Username.

To receive your username, create your own password, and begin ordering you will need to:
1. Go to and Click on 'No Username Yet?' to the right of the login box. Then, select your school, and enter your school password hurricanes. (You will select your own password in Step 3).

2. Then click on ‘Get Family Account’, which will provide your family with an automatically generated username. Your username will be your school prefix name followed by three numbers (like hfa034). This username is unique to your family.

3. Go to now and login with that username and your school password. This will bring you to the Family Registration page. Create your family account by completing this form. It is important to change your password from the one provided by your school to your own private password. Record your username and password in a safe place. Fields with an asterisk (*) must be filled in.

4. Click on ‘Save Family Information’, and the ‘Family Information’ page will appear requesting your child/children’s first name(s) and teacher selection.

5. Click on ‘Child/Children information, and your setup is complete.

6. Click on ‘Order Food Now’ and ‘Ordering Instructions’ will appear, giving you the opportunity to order food for every student in your family, print a summary page and return the top portion to your school, with a cheque or cash, by the due date. On this page you can also view your family lunch order summary, modify your family information or logout.

7. If you misplace your username and/or password or have difficulties with your order, please contact your school’s SOLO administrator, [email protected] to have it reset. Your privacy is of the utmost importance; our policy is posted on the website.

Thank you for supporting your school fundraiser.

Holy Family Hot Lunch News Did you know: Hot Lunch is a school fundraiser; money raised goes back into the school. We want parents and students to be happy with the options offered. Have a question or concern? We want to know about it. Please send a note to school labelled, Hot Lunch and we will follow-up. We are currently offering Hot Lunch 2 days/week, with the Grade 7/8’s having a Dominos Pizza fundraiser 1 day/week.

We need volunteers to sort/deliver lunches. Why volunteer? •Small time commitment: Tuesdays or Thursdays 11:15pm -12:15pm •It’s fun & social! •Get to see first hand what kids are eating and saying about their hot lunch. •

Online volunteer scheduling for increased flexibility with Signup Genius. If you interested in volunteering 1/month or weekly and you have CBC on file with the school we would love your help.

Please contact the office with your email address and the Hot Lunch Team will follow-up.